Staffing and Service Area


Valley Ambulance is composed of 20 full time, and part time employees that are Nationally Registered. Our team consists of EMTs, AEMTs, Paramedics, Critical Care Paramedics, & Tactical Paramedics.

Area of service

Valley Ambulance is based in Scottsbluff Nebraska providing 911 services for Scotts Bluff County a population base of 36,800. This includes the cities of Scotttsbluff, Gering, Terrytown, Mitchell, Morrill, Minatare, Lyman, Henry, Melbeta, and McGrew.

Additional to our primary service area, We provide Paramedic level tiering for outlying agencies from surrounding counties. These include but are not limited to Sioux County, Banner County, and Morrill County.

Our annual call volume averages 3,600 which includes 911 calls and inter-facility transfers. 

The Fleet



Our ambulances each have a special role in our company. Two of our type 3 ambulances primarily serve as our daily 911 cover units. The remaining three type 2 ambulances serve in multiple capacities such as long distance transport units as well as additional 911 support.


Bariatric Support Unit

Our local Level 2 Trauma Center is a center of excellence for bariatric patients. With this we have designated one of our type 3 ambulances as a bariatric support ambulance specially equipped to safely transport bariatric patients. We utilize items specially designed to reduce injury, increase patient safety, and increase care provider safety.


Event support

Medical UTV equipped to safely and effectively transport patients during event coverage. While this UTV is primarily used for events, it also plays an important role in our rural rescue operations where regular vehicle access is unavailable. The UTV has also been used to provide medical support for our area fire departments during large grass fires.



Visual awareness and being seen is crucial for safety. Not only for our team but other drivers on the road. Our fleet is equipped with multiple reflective decals to increase safety by quickly grabbing visual attention of other motorists on the road.